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[all tunes are live recorded with just one hand-held microphone]
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The Cape Verdean Blues (Silver) [format: mp3 128 Kbps] Deep Dutch (Wezenaar) [format: mp3 128 Kbps]
Holy Tony / Over the Top (Wezenaar) [format: mp3 128 Kbps] Os Anos Verdes (Paredes) [format: mp3 128 Kbps]
Not Whispering (Wezenaar> [format: mp3 VBR] 48 bars for Bari (Wezenaar/v. Es) [format mp3 VBR]
Blues for Babylon (Wezenaar) [format: mp3 VBR] You go to my head (Coots) [format: mp3 VBR]
Saudades de Sagres (Wezenaar/v. Es) [format: mp3] I remember Pepper (Adams/arr. Wezenaar)
Fado Fables (Aires) [format: mp3 VBR] The Baritone Power Plant 1981 (Wezenaar/v. Es) [format: mp3 VBR]